In addition to Žilina, I also provide referral services at several referral hospitals abroad. However, I offer telemedicine.  With this convenient service most problems can be resolved from the comfort of your own home.

Otitis externa/media

The close collaboration between the dermatological, anaesthesiology and radiology teams allows for the best evaluation of chronic ear disease, often by a combination of CT scanning and video examination.  This allows therapy to be optimized or, in selected cases where medical therapy is not appropriate, provides a justification for recommending surgery.


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Clinical-pathological correlation

In every case that has undergone a skin biopsy I will use dermatohistological techniques to diagnose skin disease. I always compare clinical lesions with microscopic findings, especially in complicated clinical cases.

This approach increases the understanding of the pathogenesis of the observed skin lesions and maximizes the diagnostic benefit of the sampling process.

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Intradermal tests

I perform intradermal tests in allergic patients - dogs, cats, horses - for whom I am planning allergen-specific immunotherapy. I offer two types of allergy test - the "gold standard" intradermal skin test (IDT) and blood (serological) allergy testing.

To ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment of your pet, I perform several types of allergic tests. The goal of allergy testing is to identify specific allergens that cause an allergic reaction and skin or ear symptoms.  Based on the results of the allergy test, a vaccine (allergen-specific immunotherapy) may be designed to desensitize the pet to allergies.

As a specialist in veterinary dermatology, I use intradermal allergy testing. This diagnostic procedure involves the application of very small amounts of pollen allergens (grasses, trees and weeds), house mites, storage mites, fungi and insect extract to the surface layers of the skin.  This technique is performed with the administration of a mild sedative and, therefore, pets should not have eaten for at least 8 hours before their appointment for this procedure.

Intradermal allergy testing is not painful, but it can cause itching.  To achieve the most precise results I will often combine intradermal allergy testing with a serological test.

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Biopsy and dermatohistopathology

A skin biopsy is sometimes necessary to make a correct diagnosis of an unusual skin condition.  In this case, working in cooperation with pathologists is an advantage.

Dermatohistopathologists can recognize subtle changes in skin biopsies, use specialized laboratory staining methods and individually consult with me to maximize the diagnostic value of skin biopsies, thus increasing the success of treatment.

To ensure the convenience of a biopsy, I will advise you whether a local or general anaesthetic is needed.  Which route is best for your pet is usually determined by their overall health, the number of biopsies required, and the anatomical site requiring the biopsy.

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Oncological skin diseases and growths

Any unusual lesions or growths on the animal's body should be assessed to determine if it is a benign growth or a potentially malignant cancer.  As part of the veterinary dermatology process, I provide expert advice on diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis whilst taking into account the quality of life for your pet.

I can consult with oncologists and take a collective approach to ensure optimal care for your pet.

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In addition to Slovakia, I work in several clinics abroad. However, I can also offer service in the form of a telemedicine consultation. This means that most problems can be solved from the comfort of your own home.

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